Working on an attention grabber for your introduction?165123099_70a0f89588_s.jpg
Try an anecdote (which is a small story).
Here's an example:
  • When my grandmother told a story, she used every part of her body, from the far reaches of her eyebrows to the tips of her fingers.or
  • Every sunny afternoon, Arturo spent hours flipping a skateboard up and down and all around. Failure seemed only to motivate him more, solidifying his determination to master a new trick.

From a professional magazine:
  • SEATED IN SILENCE ATOP A BROKEN COLUMN, halfway up the stone cathedral called Devils Tower, my feet dangling over 400 feet of air, I'm entranced. Two tiny white-throated swifts are chasing each other, deftly cutting left and right, up and down, along the vertical walls of rock. Their agility is astonishing. They buttonhook and corkscrew, wheel and reel in the sky.Screeching jee-jee-jee-jee, the swifts buzz me from below, passing so close their feathers nearly brush my cheeks. They shoot straight up into the air, almost disappearing, then drop, twirling together, copulating, falling in a 100-mile-per-hour death spiral, separating at the last possible second.

Photo: grandma on Flickr by: daskar