Examples of good answers for the Analogizing the Monsters assignment are below. Please remember, these are not for copying, but are to help you see how the assignment is to be arranged.
College Football and the Lotus Eaters The lotus-eaters are just like college football. When the guys eat the lotus flower they don’t care about getting home or anything else. When I watch college football I don’t listen to what my dad says to me and I don’t care about anything else that day or before that. When they ate the lotus flower Odysseus had to drag them away. When I’m watching college football my dad has to turn off the TV. and drag me away for me to go with him.
Helios and my grandma Helios is just like my grandma. Helios is a god and everybody respects him. My Grandma is like a god in my family and everybody respects her and listens to her. Helios Does not like people messing with his cattle. When I mess around with my Grandmas dogs she gets mad at me. Helios threatens to go to the underworld and light it forever. When I don’t listen to her and keep messing with her dogs she threatens to move to where I can’t find her.
Scylla and my car Scylla reminds me of my car. The main reason for this is because Scylla is beyond ugly, as is my car. It’s a 1992 Dodge Shadow, and I’m convinced that it would better the community if it were totaled. The other reason my car is just like Scylla is because Scylla yells a baby’s cry. Just like a baby’s cry, my car squeaks when I drive it. It’s very embarrassing.