Focus: The goal of this project is to connect the historical period and the author’s background to the short story you are studying. A good way to do this is to identify and explain how the theme of the story was influenced by the factors you researched.
  1. put together a 5-7 minute presentation about the author and time period of your story
  2. include a visual aid (poster, skit, power point presentation, etc.)
  3. every group member must participate
Questions to Guide Your Research:
  1. Who is he/she?
    • family/childhood
    • education
    • jobs held
  2. What did he/she believe?
    • religion
    • philosophy
  3. What major events shaped the time period?
    • before lifetime
    • during lifetime
  4. What major figures influence the time period?
    • politics
    • religion
    • arts
    • entertainment
Arthur Miller
Kate Chopin
John Donne
William Faulkner
Flannery O'Conner
Harper Lee
Jack London
Guy de Maupassant
Jonthan Swift
Mark Twain
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